Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moms Birthday Gifts

Hello blogger friends. I was going to post this earlier but my mother checks my blog on a regular basis and she would have seen her gifts I made her. She loves the slippers I knit for her so I have to make a couple pairs a year. She was hinting and hinting about how her pair has a hole in them and she needed new ones. Mind you that this hinting started over a month ago. I just kind of brushed it off and made her wait. I not only knitted up a pair of slippers for her I also made two pairs of ankle socks for her as well.
So I went to her work today and delivered the gifts. She loved them. Just talked to her (it's now 8:57pm) in my neck of the woods and she had her slippers on and was very happy. Thanks for taking a look.

God bless,

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  1. You knitted those? OM gosh, beautiful work. I love the little socks. There way better than store bought for sure and mean more to the person who recieves them, ie, your mom. I so admire your talent...