Sunday, August 14, 2011

We R Memories - Seweasy

Good morning fellow bloggers. Went to Craft Warehouse yesterday and they had the We R Memories Seweasy on sale for 40% off. I use to cross stitch all the time and thought that this may be fun to add a little design to my cards. If you don't know what a Seweasy is here is a look at it below.
Here is a closer look. It comes with the pink stitch piercer and the others are sold separately. You can see the basic shapes that each one pierces.

I kept the cards that each piercing head came on because on the back it shows the different stitches that each one makes. You can see above that each one makes 3 different stitches.
Here is a closer look at what the piercers look like. They are very sharp. You place your paper on the foam mat and push down piercing the paper and roll it along the area you want pierced. It leaves the little holes in the paper and then all you have to do is sew it up. 
Here is a quick card that I made so I could try my new Seweasy. I just wanted to try out the straight stitch piercer. I know I covered up a lot of it but you can see it on the bottom. It was really easy and fun to use. I used the Walk In My Garden cartridge for the flower. The Seweasy is not really for delicate areas that is why I hand stitched around the flower. I added Tim Holtz Distressing ink in Wild Honey around the edges of the flower and the tag.

The sentiment is from Studio G. I had bought these cute spiral brads a while back and kind of forgot about them, I really like them how could that have happened. I ripped the edge of the background paper instead of cutting it. I was going to ink it but I decided to leave it so there would be a more vibrant frame.
This is what it looks like from the inside, not to bad, I think I like it. Adds a little design to the inside as well as the outside. Any how at 40% off I got it all for $20, not bad for the handle, 6 stitch piercing heads, a needle and the mat. I hope to use it on more cards in the future.

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  1. Hey there! I think Mary from CardzTV had a seweasy giveaway awhile back. That's really cool that you got one. The card you made is sooo cute. Excellent job! Have a great Tuesday.

  2. Oh Kellie...that is so amazing. Love what you did with it o your card. ~Shen

  3. Oh wow, this is so awesome! I love the look of stitching on a card! I am definitely going to check the seweasy out! Thanks for sharing your beautiful card :)