Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moms Break and Lunch Sign

Hi bloggers, I wanted to share a post of the Tepee (or A frame) sign my mom made. She made this sign to put up at her desk when she went on her break or lunch. She used Kate's ABCs, one of my favorite cartridges. It turned out really super cute.
This is on one side.

And this is on the other side.

I think she may be in trouble because this is so darn cute that everyone where she works will want her to make them one.

God Bless you all,


  1. Hi Kellie! Love your blog, and I wanted to thank you for your friendship and wonderful support. I left you a sweet blog award on my blog so go pick it up and enjoy!
    Cindy Porter

  2. awesome!! I love the signs. new follower too!!

  3. Cute little signs! Thank you for following my blog, isn't blogging fun? I love all your creations, and your craft room is awesome. Some of mine is in the spareroom and part is in the livingroom. Yuk. Talk soon...